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"Really helped me put together a wardrobe that suited my coloring. I finally realized why things that looked great on the hanger just didn't look good on me. The right color for your skin tone makes a huge difference. I look better (and younger) in the colors she recommended for me and have received many compliments on the new things I have bought. Her suggested color combinations opened up new ways for me to pair accessories with my outfits and gave me more bang for my buck. Incorporating more color into my wardrobe was something I always wanted to do but simply didn't know how. This is valuable information that is well worth learning."

- Rossana V., Pasadena, CA

"I worked with Aisha on a couple photo shoots and have been more than impressed with her professionalism and sense of style. She understood exactly what I wanted to achieve for the models in the photo shoots. Days before each shoot, Aisha provided mood boards for the different looks that included everything in the outfits, even the smallest details. Her sense of style changed depending on the theme. We did two shoots that couldn’t have been more different and she wowed me with her ability to adapt to various styles from quirky-trendy to classic-retro. Two things remained consistent, she was able to spice up any outfit with an accessory and her sense of color is superb. It is always a great pleasure to work with talented stylists like Aisha."
- Aizhan R., Photographer,
San Diego, CA


"You are awesome at this...people have already made positive comments. "

-Beth A., Walnut Creek, CA

"I had a pleasure to work with Aisha as a model, and I can assure you that she’s great at what she does. Aisha finds a perfect combination of color, fabric and jewelries, which allows a photographer's idea to open up into its fullest. I, personally, would entrust her to pick a set of clothing as I photograph, because it is nice to collaborate with a pro." -Anna M., Model/Photographer, San Diego, CA www.amosportfolio.com "You definitely have interesting eye "

-Martin J., Photographer, Los Angeles, CA

"I have had the privilege of working with Aisha Jones on a lifestyle photo shoot in San Diego. Aisha was extremely professional and prepared with clothing, accessories, fabrics, undergarments and all that is required of a stylist. Not only was she prepared, she is very outgoing and helped make the shoot comfortable and fun." - Brooke T., Model , RPM Talent Los Angeles www.rpmtalent.net "Your style and look really distinguishes itself."

- Martin G, Photographer, La Jolla, CA

"Thank you soooooooooo much Aisha. Much appreciation." Fern H., San Diego, CA "Aisha, the test shoot is fabulous. Great work! Your styling looks absolutely beautiful in these photographs. Once again, congratulations! [the model] seems very comfortable with the way you have styled her – well done."

-Katherine M., Stylist, United Kingdom

“I have had the opportunity to work with Aisha Jones in which I was very impressed with her performance. Her strong teaching techniques along with her outstanding personality, she could captivate and audience’s attention.”

-Bertha M., Community Activist, Reno, NV

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Learn the right “ingredients”
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The Cards
  • Provides ingredients for each recipe

  • Easy ways to adapt the recipe to compliment your body shape
  • Options on the card for mix and match, to adapt the outfit for work or play and everything in between
Online Style Journal
  • See the ingredients you get the most compliments on

  • Illustrations of clothing items and terms
  • Keep track of the mix n’ match options you get the most compliments on

  • Record and track the increase in your confidence
New Seasonal Card
  • Get all new ingredients for your seasonal card each season
  • Get 10 mix n' match options for your seasonal card
  • Has its own special closet with all the features of the super closet
The Super Closet
  • Online questionnaire to get clothes to flatter your body shape

  • Online questionnaire to get clothes that perfectly compliments your hair, eyes, and skin color

  • Links on wear to buy clothing options including options for plus size, tall, and petite –shop from the comfort of your home
  • Video style tutorials – watch, learn, do, and count your compliments

  • Accessory options for increased ROI from your wardrobe

  • Flip books to see more than 100 mix n’ match outfits created by your Style Recipe Cards

  • Links to see where these outfits have appeared on magazine covers, movies, and TV - get celebrity style without the entourage


Life is Hard – Style Should Be Easy… and Fun!

First, I must apologize on behalf of my profession. In 1970 the capsule wardrobe was invented and it meant creating a wardrobe of basics that are interchangeable. Lots of “hard” effort was put into creating wardrobe where you ended up looking basic… normal…and so lackluster the Amish will ask you to “Jazz it up a little bit”.

It should not be that hard. It should be so easy a child could do it, almost as if they were playing with BLOQs. The BLOQ Wardrobe Philosophy was created with the idea of creating spectacular outfits and then breaking down that outfit to basic building BLOQs that are used to build more and more outfits that are anything but a basic.

This BLOQ Wardrobe Philosophy is used to create Style Recipe Cards. To learn more about the BLOQ Wardrobe Philosophy watch the video below:


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"Dressed to Kill (for a successful job interview): 10 instant interview makeover tips."
"Surviving a Fashion Disaster: Your checklist to be prepared for a fashion disaster at work, home, or on the road"


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