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Legends are MADE, not born

Is the house collection right for you?

House Collection

It is a huge mistake to go through life thinking that certain “blessed” people are born legends.  It is in great error to go around thinking that the people we still tell stories about arrived on this planet with their bigger-than-life status cemented. This kind of thinking is easy; it lets us off the hook. We think that we were not born a certain way so why even try.

However, the real story, the true story behind a legend is that they became who they were over time. Decision by decision and choice by choice molding and sculpting them into a status that would become the thing of legends.

These style icons, these taste makers, these legends of style became who they were, one outfit a time.

They are legends because when you look back at old photos, you are still amazed at how stylish they were and how even the camera could not help but fall in love with them.

They are legends because when they say, “What, this old thing?”, they meant it. It really was something old but they look better in it than the woman that just splurged on a new outfit at Nordstrom.

They are legends because friends, family, coworkers, both young and old want clothes like theirs in order to engage in the sincerest form of flattery.

They are legends because in a room full of people, she was the most fashionable and yet had on the simplest dress.

These style icons have many names Marilyn M., Audrey H., Grace K., Elizabeth T., Jackie O. Their style is still emulated today in magazine layouts, album covers, and Instagram posts. That is why they are legends. Their style transcends generations, genres, and mediums, their style immune to even the harshest critics on social media.

But hey, if you still want to continue to believe that these women were just born this way then click off this page. Go back to no one admiring your style in photos. Go back to always shopping for new clothes yet still not looking or feeling stylish enough. Go back to envying friends, family and coworkers for their style and go back to being the wallflower at the party. Go back to giving away control of you life, because hey, it’s not your fault. You weren’t born a legend.

But for those of you who know that style legends are made, the house collection has no fads, no constantly changing trends, just the classics that would stand out on a Vogue cover today or fifty years ago.  If your style is more classic or if you just wanted to have a more well-rounded wardrobe then the house collection is for you.

It is called the House Collection because it is always available, always in house. It doesn’t change every season, it is always in style.

The house collection includes all the special features of the other collections. It includes 10 Style Recipe Cards, lifetime access to the Super Closet, and a downloadable Style Manual and Diary.

Skirts with large poodles on it, platform shoes with built in fish tanks, shoulder pads so wide you could be a linebacker in the NFL (or better yet the entire 80’s) are all examples of fashion gone bad.

Instead of falling victim to the fashion and trends of the time, how about you just stick to the classics. That’s what legends do.


Do you want to be the style legend in your social circle?



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The House Collection includes:

  • 10 Style Recipe Cards™ House Collection (patent pending)
  • 44-page House Collection Style Manual and Compliments Diary, and
  • Lifetime member access to the online "Super Closet"
  • Style Sorority membership

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